Preventing and Treating Heatstroke in Pets

Like humans, dogs and cats can become overheated. Unlike humans, our pets aren’t able to effectively reduce their body temperature by sweating. But, just because your furry pal can’t tell you when he’s too hot, doesn’t mean you can’t protect him from the...

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How To Get Your Cat To Stop Scratching Your Furniture

Cats: Some are independent; some love attention. Some want to be held; some prefer to be left alone. Some have long hair; some have short hair or no hair at all. But one thing all cats have in common: They’re born with the innate need to scratch.Why do...

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What You Need to Know About Heartworm in Dogs

Heartworm disease is a potentially fatal infection caused by heartworms, a type of roundworm, that live in the heart, lungs and surrounding blood vessels of affected animals. Although it can be successfully treated, a heartworm infection can cause lifelong...

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Tips To Keep Your Pet Calm on the Fourth of July

We're looking forward to all of the festivities surrounding the Fourth of July, and who doesn’t love a good fireworks display? Well, for starters, your pet. While we understand and expect the loud bangs and booms of the Fourth, your pet doesn’t, and the...

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How Our Feline Friends Hide Their Health Problems

We’re here for all stages of your pet’s life. From the early days to the golden years, the team at Deer Park Veterinary Hospital will be there to provide customized care based on your pet’s needs. This means getting to know your pets and working with you to know when...

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Dental Health!

In honor of National Dental Month, we are giving 15% off all dentals scheduled now through the end of February! Recent studies have shown that 70% of adult cats and 80% of adult dogs show symptoms of oral disease. Bad breath, plaque build-up, excessive drooling, sore...

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Toe Amputation

When this tumor began growing we thought it was an infected nail…. unfortunately, we had to amputate the toe to remove the tumor. You would never know though, he acts like nothing ever happened!

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Fall is Coming

With fall approaching, here are some helpful tips to remember from the ASPCA! There’s nothing like the crisp, cool air and luscious foliage to get you excited for the changing seasons. Your pet, too, is probably welcoming a break from summer's hot, sticky weather. But...

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